Gateways Music Festival is grateful to the following individuals, institutions and agencies for
their support and contributions made between November 1, 2016 and November 30, 2018.

Conductor’s Circle ($10,000+)

Eastman School of Music
Assemblyman David F. Gantt
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
John Morning
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
New York State Council on the Arts
Rochester Area Community Foundation
University of Rochester
City of Rochester
Betty Strasenburgh

Harps ($5,000 – $9,999)

Jeanetta Dunlap
Eastman School of Music / Jamal Rossi
The Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation
James Hammond and Edith Van Slyck
The Guido and Ellen Palma Foundation
University of Rochester / Paul J. Burgett
The Alfred and Jane Ross Foundation

Trumpets ($1,000 – $4,999)

African American Giving Initiative
Quincy and Sonya Allen
Gareth Warren and Kearstin Piper Brown
Benjamin Cowan and Lettie Burgett
Mary Callaway
ESL Charitable Foundation
Carolyne Griswold Garman
George W. and Mary Hamlin
Barbara J. Jones
Terry Eder and Gene Kaufman
Lee Koonce
Robert S. and Roni Kohen Lemle
Toni-Marie Montgomery
James and Lois Norman
Pentecostal Miracle Deliverance Center Church Inc.
University of Rochester / School of Arts & Sciences
Jamal Rossi
Roger L. Smith
Elizabeth Stauderman
William Terry
Robert Thomas Werth

Cymbals ($500 – $999)

Kijana Delores Crawford
Lance and Hope Drummond
Todd Gordon and Susan Feder
Mary Friedman and Alan Felser
Fidelity Charitable
Suzanne Gouvernet
Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles
Richard and Sidney Killmer
Love Ministries Fellowship Inc.
Jeanne B. Mullgrav
Lamar and William Murphy
National Council of Negro Women, Metropolitan Women’s Network
New Bethel CME Church
Marie L. Rivers
Thomas Schumacher
Philip and Karen Selwyn
Melany Silas
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Evelyn Stroud
Emil Homerin and Nora Walter
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
Joan R. Willis
Janet C. Wilson

Media Sponsor

Violas ($100 – $499)
Carol Adams
Aenon Missionary Baptist Church
Jennifer N. and Franklin I. Allen
Marlene Allen
John C. and Carmen Allen
Mary E. Allston
Allan C. and Pauline Anderson
Joy E. Anderson
Bobby Joe and Joan Anderson
Norma Andzer
Carolyn and Thomas Argust
Matthew Augustine
Jean Barr
William H. Bayer
Roy Benedek
Mike and Jane Ellen Bleeg
Walter L. Blount
Richard Boddie
Michelle Boone
John and Jacqueline Levine Borek
Henra Briskin
Tom Brockland
Wayne Brown
Maryann G. Brown
Marilyn Brus
Antoinette Burr
Alan and Brenda Caine
Madeline Carpenter-Burke
Eugene Carr
Janet Chisholm
Judy Christis
Peter Collinge
James Coone
Walter Cooper
Ned and Linda Corman
Robin Scott Cowens
Forrest Cummings
Dianna Cutts
Katherine Gale DaCosta
William J. Daniels
Karen Dau
D & M Davis
Barbara S. De Leeuw
Richard and Maria DeJesus-Rueff
Katherine S. Detherage
Patricia Dillon
Kenneth K. and Nicole R. Doolittle
The Downtown United Presbyterian Church
Peggy Edwards
Richard and Marcia Eisenberg
Richard C. Eisenman
Steven and Susan Eisinger
Mark Pierzynski and Guiseppe Erba
Nellie Evans
Douglas and Betty Evans
Exxon Mobil Foundation
Richard Feldman
Bruce and Margaret Finch
Mary V. Fisher
Richard and Nancy Fitts
Sara Bonnie Flagg
Raymond Fleming
Peter Flint
Lawrence and Pearlie Floyd
Lauren Foland
Marsden E. Fox
Chester Freeman
Thomas and Marcia Fugate
Sheila Gaddis
Betty GarnerLynn Gatto
Jewelle Gayle-Jones
Richard S. and Joyce T. Gilbert
Alice and Carthel Gissendanner
Cecilia G. Golden
Charles Goldsby
Gouvernet Arts Fund of Rochester Community Foundation
Hilary & Edward Gutman
Alan Hall
Richard Hamilton
Robert and Gayle Harrison
Bob and Renee Hayes
Logan and Verna Hazen
Barbara Hoffman
Stephen Lurie and Kathleen Holt
Kari Horowicz
Cecilia M. Horwitz
Immaculate Conception Church
Robert and Merilyn Israel
Nina A. Jackson
Christine Jackson
Theresa Jackson
Mildred Jacque
Peter M. James
Frederick C. and June Jefferson
Glen Jeter
William Johnson
Kim Joy
Shirley King
Bobby and Kathy Kirven
Joan S. Kohout
James E. and Marianne T. Koller
Ernest and Sarah Krug
Nelita True Laires
Winston Layne
Brenda D. Lee
Evelena Lee
Thelma and Dick Leinbach
Charles and Michele Lennox
Vincent and Christina Lenti
Stephen and Georgette Lesnak
Jane Levin
Rustam Tahir and Dr. Vivian Lewis
William and Margaret J. Lewis
Katherine Lewis
Bruce Lindsay
Teresa Livingstone
Richard and Diane Dinkins Lourette
Sharon Luckman
L. Theresa Macon
Jack and Sandra Steele Maniloff
Gregory P. Marshall
Stephen Matkowsky
Laura McCree
Wilbert McCullough III
Sharon McDaniel
Bernard and Essie Calhoun McDavid
Geraldine McFadden
John McGinnity
Elaine McGowan Williams
John M. McMahon
Melissa Mead
Ginny Miller
Roger and Joyce Burwell Miller
Larry and Tamara Minter
Thomasene Moorehead
Laura V. Morrissey
Peter and Gail Mott
Lorraine Nadler
Shaun and Kathleen Nelms
Paul Ness
Dorollo Nixon
Dolores Orman
Our Lady of Lourdes Church
Ann and Jim Owens
James and Ann Owens
Eleanor Q. Siegfried and Ms. Barbara E. Pamper
Shree and Kishan Pandya
Louise T. Peeples
David and Marjorie Perlman
Angela Pichichero
Larry Pough
Joanne Prives
Margaret Quackenbush
Bing C. Reaves
Janet and Bill Remizowski
William Ridley
Rochester Twenty Pearls Foundation /Delta Nu Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Verdery Roosevelt
Marilyn R. Rosche
Jesse Rosen
Katie Rulseh
Rosemary Samentello
Julie Schnepf
Robert and Nina Schor
Jon L. Schumacher
Dennis F. Schwartz
William and Ruth Scott
Gaya Robinson Shakes
Cecille Shorter
B. E. Simpkins
Jules L. Smith
Charles Speirs
Gwen and Richard Sterns
Barbara Stevens
Edwin and Lillie Stone
David Strong
Blake Taylor
Joseph and Patrica Tersigni
Kathryn J. Thomas
Julian and Mary Jane Thomas
Bonni Thousand
Donald and Judith Toyer
Alexander and Pearlie Trotter
Raphael and Sherry Tshibangu
Jacqueline Ulmer
Monica Valdez
Lisa Waldman
Sylvia Walker
Christopher Wallingford
Paul Warren
Nancy Warren-Oliver
James Washington
Ann D. Weintraub
Michael and Christina West
Darlene and Ronald White
Dianna R. White-Gould
Josephine Wicks
Donald R. and Alison H. Wilder
Christopher Williams
Lois Williams
Willmont Wine Club
Gabriele Wohlauer
Karen Louise Wolf
Sarah Yasses
Alice H. Young
Rowena Zemel
Barbara Anne Zinker

Violins (Below $99)
Priscilla M. Alston
Thelma Apicella
Patricia and Thomas M. Ashby
Audrose Banks
Susan S. Barocos
Charles and Beatrice Beyah
Catherine I. J. Blount
Carolyne Blount
Margaret Boros
Mardell A. Brabant
Sally Broadbent
Barbara Brody
Bevery Brown
Mariah Brown
Dyann Brown
Melva Brown
Olga Brown
Willard Brown, Jr.
Angela Burch
Caroline A. Burton
Gil Bussey
Paul and Sandra Caccamise
Carlotta DF Carson
Joel and Theresa Carter
Cleveland Chandler
Lucille Chess
Esther Cleggett
Lorraine Clement
Katherin Cobbett
Margaret M. Cochran
Delois Crawford
Myra Cuff
Archie and Annie Curry
Tanya Davis
Konrad Emmert
Carole Evans
Alviron Evans
Susan Farrell
Thomasina Ferguson Johnson
Alfred and Anne Fields
Julia L. Figueras Bacon
Christy Flaim
Clyde A. Forbes
Gloria J. Forgione
James L. and Cassandra W. Frierson
Timothy and Rebecca Fuss
Willard Gaither
Jonathan Garlock
Lindsay R. Garrett
Doris Gerst
Robert and Delores Geter
Marie E. Gibson
Barbara J. Gray
Barbara Gray Gottorff
Humbert Gregory
Cecilia S. Griffin-Golden
Brian Washburn and Kerry Greene
Mary J. Gutberlet
Suella C. Habbersett
Beverly Mathis Hadee
Richard and Marilyn Hare
Henry and Sadie Harring
Edward Harsh
Janda Hemming
Kenneth T. and Maureen C. Hendel
Joyce and H. Robert Herman
Cynthia Herriott
John and Karen Hill
Gloria Jean Howard
Judith Howe
Cynthia L. Howk
Susan Hulse
Katia Iannacome
Anna Nadia and Luciana Iannacome
Clarence T. and Irene Ingram
Shirley Iverson
Josetta Jackson
Barbara James
Sonia James-Wilson
Marie Jenkins-Cox
Chloe Johnson
Marjorie E. Karowe
Petar Kodzas
James Lesch
Henrietta Levine
Wardell and Linda Lewis
Joyce Lindley
A. Sue Lione
Mary E. Martin
Charlene Martin
William and Carol Mason
Katherine E. Massey
Diane Mathias
Beverly Mathis-Hadee
Constance Mauro
Beatrice McCloud
Aaron and Geraldine McFadden
Barbara McIver
Marcia Meagher
Molly Miller
Catherine Mineur
Lisa Moretto
Richard and Elizabeth Myers
Nerinx Hall, Inc.
Mildred G. Ness
John and Susan Niggli
David and Jill O’Mara
George Opira
Maria Orengo
Diane Pansire
Heide Parreño
Keith Patterson
Elizabeth Peters
Morris A. Phibbs
Elizabeth Pixley
Charles and Janice Plummer
Cheryl A. Pough
Valerie Pringle
Alice Raymond
Susan Richane
Brandon Robbins
Anne Rodgers
Frank Schiro
Jacqueline Schucker
William Scott
Wayne Shipman
Patricia Shively
Douglas R. Sibert
Arton C. Silas
Diana Simpson-Khahaifa
Reva Sipser
Marita Smith
Maurice and Valerie Snipe
Silvia Sorensen
Joan Spade
Jack G. Mottley and Dianne K. Stengel
Rose Stokes
Tamara Strubel
Dena Swanson
Robert Taylor
James Terry
Carrie M. Thomas
Patricia Thompson
Maryann Toler
Aldith Tomlinson
Sally Turner
William Turner
Wayne T. Uter
Louis and Lila Valinoti
James Mims Walker and Carolyn R. Walker
Sylvia Walker
Stella Wang
Lewis B. Ward-Baker
Shirlyn Washington
Jeffrey and Patricia Welch
Gaynelle Wethers
Josephine Whang
Stella Wiley
Lorraine Williams
Sheilla Wray
Rhonda Wright
Dionne T. Wright
Agnes Wright
Edward Yansen
Lena Green Young
William and Janet Zandy


Corn Hill Landing
Central Library
Eastman School of Music
Mount Olivet Baptist Church
City Hall, City of Rochester
Hochstein School of Music and Dance
Press Coffee Co.


WXXI, Media Sponsor
WDKX-FM 103.9 Radio


Action for a Better Community (ABC)
Gloria Adams
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
About Time Productions
Rhonda Austin
Steve Baldwin / Studio Astute
Sherry Barton
James M. Blount
Jerome Brooks Photography
Sherry Boyd
Arie Boykin
Tina Carter
Bruce Colburn
Pamela Chung
Delta Nu Omega Chapter
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Rochester Alumnae Chapter
DG&M Agency, Inc.
Joanne Gordon
Michael Hager / Museum Photographics
Darlene Harwell
Jeffrey Hasbrouck
Felix Holmes, Graphic Designer
Jim Hunter Photography
Java Cafe
Teej Jenkins / City 12
Judy June
Nilcole Kettles
Kevin Leysath / CreativEye Photo
Links, Inc., Rochester Chapter
Ruby Lockhart
Richard McCollough, Videographer, Mirusmedia
Rev. Michael Madden
Metropolitan Women’s Network of the
Mood Makers Books
Muhammad School of Music, Buffalo, NY
National Association of Negro Business & Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc.
National Council of Negro Women
Robert Mitchell
Julia Ng
Rashaad Parker
Chazener Ponder
Nyzere Ponder
Stella Rainge
Jani Ridgeway
Rae Jan Ridgeway
Ronald Stackman and Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre Stage Crew
Christopher Robinson
Rochester Association of Black Journalists
Rochester Genesee Valley Club
Rachel Scott
Town & Country Travel
Victoire Belgian Beer Bar
Diane Webb
Cory Wilson, AKA “Lujar,” 2017 Festival Poster Designer
WJZR-FM 105.9 North Coast Radio
Xerox Corporation
Zion Hill Missionary Baptist ChurchVolunteer Festival Drivers:

Eddie Bryant
Alan Caine
Chris Cuby
William Lewis
Curtis Rivers
Melvin Smith
Samuel Smith
Maurice Snipe
Bobby Snowden
Ron Thompson
MacClurg Vivian
Luvert Walker
Thomas Warfield
Bob & Dorcet Watson
Clayton Wiley
Marvin Williams