How Are Musicians Selected?

The following criteria will be used to select musicians for the 2019 Gateways Music Festival:

1. Professional Performance Activity: Currently performs as a professional classical musician or applied instrument instructor in a college, conservatory or university school of music or music department.

2. Performance Experience: Has significant performance experience in a classical music setting, especially as an orchestral or chamber music player.

3. Availability: Is available for the duration of the Festival and available to participate in both orchestra and chamber music programs.

4. Application Deadline: Submits application by stated deadline.

5. Video: Provides access to a video, with audio, of one or more orchestral, chamber music, or solo performances.

6. Instrumentation: Is an advanced/professional performer on an instrument required by the Festival’s repertoire.

7. Other: Based on past Festival experience, ability to work well with others, contribute positively to the Festival experience, arrive having prepared the parts for which one is engaged at the Festival, etc.