Festival Planning Committee

The Festival Planning Committee, composed of volunteers from the Rochester community, supports Gateways’ extensive chamber music in the community and houses of worship program, travel, lodging, receptions and special events for the musicians and community, marketing and communications, merchandise sales, and much, much more.

For the first 16 years of the Festival’s history, most of the organizing and planning was executed by founder Armenta Hummings Dumisani, her son Amadi and a small group of musician and local volunteers.  Upon Ms. Hummings Dumisani’s retirement from the faculty at the Eastman School of Music and the Festival in 2009, two committees were formed to take over her work:  the Festival Planning Committee and the Artistic Programs Committee.  The Festival Planning Committee was initially co-chaired by Rochester-based civic leader Barbara Jones and board member Marie Rivers and  was composed of approximately 30 community members

Jennifer Allen

Rhonda Austin

Amadi Azikiwe

Carolyne Blount

Ricky Frazier

Joanne Gordon

Martha Hope

James H. Norman

Dolores Orman

Heide Parreno

Ruth Phinney

Marie Rivers

Cecille Shorter

Jacqueline Ulmer

Nancy Warren-Oliver

Robert Werth